Why You Should Only Play Live Roulette Online

I love casinos and particularly love playing roulette but I’m afraid the online versions are usually very boring apart from the live roulette games online.   I think one of the main worries I have with roulette online is that of whether the game is truly random ?  Don’t get me wrong I’m fairly certain that there aren’t a huge list of crooked casinos on the internet although there are definitely one or two.

The problem is that online roulette can never be truly random, simply because all aspects of the mega888  are controlled by a computer program, every spin, all the events and results are the generated by the software that runs the casino. Computers have always has problems with producing random numbers purely because they have to be told what to do.

For instance let’s take a real roulette game, how is the random element generated here?


  • It comes from the speed at which the croupier spins the wheel
  • The speed the ball is spun
  • Where the wheel starts off
  • The angle at which the ball is spun into play

So only Live Roulette Online is Random?


I’m certainly not saying online roulette games are fixed because they are not, the pseudo random number generators are extremely sophisticated and any legitimate casino would be out of business very quickly if they modified this. It’s just that online casinos that are purely software will never be as random as a real roulette wheel spun by a real croupier.  The real game seems fairer, if you lose to a generated spin then part of you will be suspicious and it just doesn’t feel right.

Fortunately there is a way you can play live roulette online

Yes, that’s right there are now a couple of casinos which are linked to real online games based in real casinos. The results are not in doubt as the physical casinos are subject to extremely strict legislation and laws.  The bonus is that you also feel part of the game, you can speak to the croupier, interact with the dealers and generally know that you are playing a fair game of roulette alongside real people.

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